EDTrinity’s School ERP Software is a comprehensive, feature-rich, intelligent School ERP system loaded with a host of integrated services beyond the admin functionalities. The software includes the core ERP application (backend), client apps (frontend UIUX), and the database hosted on a secure cloud. EDTrinity meets and ensures standard & customized reporting tools, tools for student performance analysis, teacher subjects or any other school data and ensure seamless operations round the clock.

EDTrinity’s School ERP is developed with a deep understanding of the constantly evolving & unique requirements of schools. The ERP features are aggressively & continually enhanced periodically with new experiences, understanding and foresight.
The teams deep understanding of technology and our domain expertise is EDTrinity’s bedrock and has made it into a highly customizable, modular, stable, secure and feature-rich School ERP. Team EDTrinity wishes to continually and actively engage with partner schools to enhance the EDTrinity experience.
More importantly the team’s passion for providing a feature-rich ERP for schools that is sustainable and yet cost-effective drives EDTrinity. While the EDtrinity system ensures complete control of school data to the school admin, it also promises a stable, secure and reliable multi-platform system of highly modular, connected school ERP system.

EDTrinity is built on the critically acclaimed MCSAR platform (leveraging the Airizen ERP Suite), and is ideal for Schools, Colleges and is making a difference to just about any educational institution. EDTrinity is Modular, Scalable, uniquely & deeply Customizable, Cloud-based with Mobile App interfaces. Modules – Admissions, Fee, Student, Teacher, Exam & Reporting, intelligent Timetable & Attendance, Messaging, Library, Transport, Asset & Vendor Management, Ecommerce and many more…..